Eskişehir Chamber of Industry – Automotive Cluster (ECI-AC) established in April 2018 by companies operating in the sector, representatives of institutions providing training and education and experts who contribute to the development of the industry.

ECI-AC is a legal initiative serving under Eskişehir Chamber of Industry as Eskişehir’s primary organization devoted to automotive based economic development of the province. ECI-AC’s mission is to promote the capacity in Eskişehir which will attract and help create businesses in innovative, high-growth industries relating to automotive. ECI-AC accomplishes this mission by focusing on SMEs in automobile industry or  companies which  have  a  capacity  to  be  involved  in  automotive supply chain. In collaboration with Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone, Anadolu University, Osmangazi University, Eskişehir Technical University and other supplementary units in Eskişehir, ECI-AC helps to improve Eskişehir’s business climate for automotive industry thus ensuring the province’s global competitiveness.